Old Ski beach is located towards the south end of Walker Lake. The beach contains maintained dirt roads.

The Cove is located at the end of the cliffs section of Walker Lake. The road to the beach is a maintained dirt road. The area was once popular for fishing and cliff diving. 

The Backside of Walker Lake is only accessible by dirt road. The area is undeveloped but does provide many great areas including sandy beaches. The backside is popular with off road vehicles. 

Sportsman's Beach is the most developed beach location at Walker Lake. The beach contains various camping areas intended for both RV's and tents. The beach also contains multiple bathroom facilities. There are paved roads, which are welcoming to all vehicles. The beach also contains a boat dock, but no longer reaches the water due to constant water level decline. 

Tamarack Beach is located between Sportsman's Beach and 20 Mile Beach. The beach contains several areas for camping and a restroom facility. 

Monument Beach

Cliffs Beach aka "The Cove"

Tamarack Beach

20 Mile Beach

The north end of the lake is where Walker River enters Walker Lake, but in many years this does not occur. The north end of the lake at one point reached all the way to Schurz, NV but has declined and lost over 10 miles of shoreline since irrigation began up river. 

North End 

Walker Lake Crusaders

The South end of Walker Lake is closed off from the public. The south end is military owned land and contains unexploded munitions. This area is quickly drying up but does provide refuge for wild horses, which drink fresh water from springs and grass that grows around the area. 

The Cliff House beach is located beneath the Cliff House. This was once a popular area  for people eating at the restaurant and hosted many boat races in the past. The restaurant is no longer open and the beach no longer has a boat dock. 

Backside of Lake

Old Ski Beach

Sportsman's Beach

20 Mile Beach is located toward the north end of the lake. The beach is named 20 Mile, because it is 20 miles away from the town of Hawthorne. 20 Mile was once very popular with campers, but the beach has declined in popularity with the decline in water levels. The beach has roads suitable for a variety of vehicles, including cars and RV's. The are also two bathroom facilities. 

South End

Cliff House Beach

Beaches at Walker Lake 

Monument Beach is located beneath the Buffalo stop. The beach was once maintained by the state but has now been turned over to Mineral County. The beach has two docks that are now nowhere close to the water line. The beach is still accessible and can be accessed with most vehicles.