A group of 25 volunteers assisted in removing close to 800 deceased birds along the shores of Walker Lake on January 30th, 2015. This was a great turnout which greatly assisted in minimizing the spread avian cholera to other birds. An effort will continue to remove deceased birds until the disease has been eradicated from Walker Lake. 

Sign at Sportsman's Beach

The Walker Lake Crusaders recently conducted a free Holiday Soup Dinner. We did not get to feed as many people as hoped for but did provide a great meal for some great residents of the community.  

Holiday Soup Dinner

Meet, Hercules, Rocky's new adoptive brother and a great new addition to the Walker Lake Crusaders. Hercules loves Walker Lake and will do all he can do to make a positive impact on the fight to Save Walker Lake!

Clean up efforts are also being conducted on pull off areas around the lake. These areas are popular with travelers, where people will often stop to take pictures or rest. These areas are also very polluted with trash. We will continue to keep these areas clean, working hard to help our beautiful lake.  

Past Efforts

2003- Created "Help Save Walker Lake" T-Shirts for fund raising

2004- Conducted peaceful demonstrations in front capital building in Carson City

​2004- Conducted letter writing program to state government officials 

2004- Founding member Toby Montoya awarded Nevada Youth Environmentalist award 

2004- Held fundraising computer camp for local youth

2006- Created "Keep Walker Wet" bumper sticker campaign

2007- Conducted letter writing program to state government officials

2011- Created www.walkerlakecrusaders.com 

2013- Community Backpack Program

2014- Summer Beach Cleanup Program

2014- Informative poster campaign

2014- Walker Lake Crusaders T-Shirt Online Sales

2014- Shoreline Decline Marker Project

2014- Free Community Soup Dinner

2015- Participated in Deceased Bird Removal

2015- Community Meet and Greet Event

2015- Walker Lake Working Group + Walker Lake Crusaders joint effort Informative Monument

2015- Summer Beach Cleanup Events

2015- State Beach Monument Installation

2016- State Beach Sign Update

Poster Campaign

Cleanup Efforts

Walker Lake has bathroom facilities located at various beach locations throughout Walker Lake. This facilities are commonly used by travelers but are not always properly cleaned. The Walker Lake Crusaders are trying to put a change to this by cleaning up these restrooms to make sure they are sanitary, and leave a positive experience for all Walker Lake visitors. 

Sign at Sportsman's Beach

Sign at State Beach

Sign at Sportsman's Beach

Sign at 20 Mile Beach

Recently the Walker Lake Crusaders created an informational poster to display around the lake, to help inform travelers about Walker Lake and the problems the lake faces. 

During the summer of 2015, the Walker Lake Crusaders have done several cleanup efforts at various beaches around Walker Lake, including:

*Old Ski Beach

*State Beach

*Cliffs Beach aka The Cove

*Sportsman's Beach

*Tamarack Beach

*20 Mile Beach

Rocky the Pug, is the the newest member of the Walker Lake Crusaders. He is taking a breather after a tough day of cleaning the beaches of Walker Lake.

The Walker Lake Crusaders recently completed a beach cleanup at State Beach beneath the Buffalo Stop. We had a total of 9 volunteers who worked hard under the hot summer sun to remove trash and other debris from the beach. The cleanup resulted in the removal of several hundreds pounds of trash. We also conducted sand grading techniques to enhance the quality of sand on the beach.

Walker Lake Crusaders

About the Cause

The Walker Lake Crusaders is a group and a cause dedicated to helping save Walker Lake. Originally created in 2003, The Walker Lake Crusaders are dedicated to the lifelong effort to bring Walker Lake back to the healthy, thriving ecosystem and recreational paradise it once was. It is so sad to see this fragile ecosystem continue to be ignored year after year. Walker Lake needs people to provide support to reverse the destruction of its once healthy ecosystem. Join the cause today!